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The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors who bring diverse professional, business and academic experience. They generously give their time and expertise to advance the work of our Hospital Foundation.

James Gallagher Chair

After volunteering on numerous non-profit boards I was honored to be asked to join the Board of the SJRHF. The organization is run by a group of top notch professional non-profit fundraisers who know and understand their audience and the requirements of their community. They are committed to telling the story of the great work that our world-class hospital does each and every day. The staff and Board are extremely dedicated to being transparent and to ensure that donor funds are distributed in a way that best meets the needs of patients. I’m extremely proud to be part of this organization.

Derek Dobson Vice Chair
Veronica Ford Past Chair

I got involved with the SJRHF because I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so. Our hospital touches the lives of everyone we know from the beginning to the end of our existence. The amazing thing is how incredibly well our SJRH does the work they do and the phenomenal work done by everyone in that institution to improve the lives of those in our community, our province and beyond. I am very proud to help in my small way with an organization that provides such excellent care.

Jim Mowbray Director

I feel very proud to be on the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors. My wife, Sarah, and I moved to New Brunswick in 2012 and started a family shortly after. It was only then that I truly learned to appreciate the importance of high caliber healthcare delivered locally. The work the Foundation does to support health care in Saint John and across the Province of New Brunswick is inspiring, and I feel truly lucky to have been a part of it.

Lloyd Foote Treasurer/ Secretary

During my professional career with Deloitte, I served as the audit engagement partner for the Foundation. In that capacity, I gained significant insights into the operations of the Foundation and the difference the Foundation was making to the health and welfare of our local community and our Province as a whole. I am committed to sharing my time and talent to make a positive contribution to the Foundation’s mission and strategy.

John Bujold Director
Debbie Cassidy Director

Many years ago, both myself and my youngest son became seriously and unexpectedly ill. We both spent time in our local hospital. Upon moving to Saint John, I was honored to be given the opportunity to volunteer with the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation Board, and I jumped at the chance. Some debts can never really be repaid, but I would do whatever I could do to show my appreciation. I am honored to be a part of the SJRHF Board and to work towards a healthier and happier community.

Ron Marcolin Director

Since I moved to the Saint John area in 2003, I have been involved in various community and not for profit roles to give back to the great region in which we live. Numerous family members have visited The Regional over the years, in one case for an extended period of time, so I am very aware of the great work the family of medical experts provide day in and day out. I am honoured to volunteer on the Board as it allows me to serve our hospital community that does so much for New Brunswick.

Eric Marr Director

Prior to retiring from the CEO position at Saint John Energy, I had the responsibility to approve donations made to numerous charitable organizations. From this came my association with MindCare NB and now with the Foundation. I feel that it is my honour and good fortune to be able to continue supporting the community both financially and with my time. The work of the Foundation is to provide the assistance needed by our medical community to help them deliver the best services possible to those in need. I am proud to be part of this effort.

Susan Harley Director

I first got involved with the Saint John Regional Hospital 20 years ago when I was working at NBTel/Bell Aliant, and we donated the proceeds of our Charity Golf tournament to the Hospital Foundation. I am now the chair of that Golf tournament, and we are still work hard to make the tournament a success to continue to give funds to the Foundation.

We are so lucky to have the Regional Hospital in our city – it provides a quality of healthcare that is second to none. It is a key part of our economy and is important to attracting new businesses and people to come to Saint John. Most importantly, our Hospital takes care of our families and friends in time of need. It is with great pride that I sit on the SJ Regional Hospital Foundation, and continue to provide funding for the innovation and advances in healthcare that our team of professionals work on every day.

Dean Mullin Director
Dr. Colin Barry Director
Anne McInerney Executive Member at Large

The Saint John Regional Hospital has played an essential leadership role in the delivery of tertiary acute care in our province for more than three decades. And I’ve been there from the beginning: As a girl, I visited my mom and new baby sister who were among its first inpatients, transferred across town from the old General. As a teen, I gained work experience as a candy striper, delivering flowers and renting infant car seats to new parents. And now that I’ve returned to the city after years away, I’m happy to be working with the Foundation team to showcase our hospital’s heart, sharing stories and successes designed to let everyone in on what some of us have always known: That we’re immensely lucky to have such an innovative and advanced hospital – with expert, dedicated staff – right here, in Saint John.

Jeff McAloon Ex-Officio

I am a proud New Brunswicker. I choose to live, work and raise my family in Saint John because I believe that this is a special place. I get excited about seeing the power of local philanthropy. Our donors understand that their generosity makes good healthcare better for you, me, our families, and our neighbours. This is a cause that impacts each and every person from every walk of life. Philanthropy means “a love of humanity” and to be able to work for an organization that plays such an important philanthropic role in our community is truly a special thing.

Karen McGrath President and CEO Horizon Health Network

Karen McGrath knows the ins and outs of our health- care system. She has worked in the industry for more than 35 years, from Newfoundland to Ontario. A wealth of experience in different environments means a detailed knowledge of the challenges and opportunities found in health care… from operating room to board room.

“The Saint John Regional Hospital is a beacon of innovation and exceptional care. To be part of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation’s Board gives me an added appreciation for not only the work being done in the hospital but also the generosity of donors who want to see it thrive. Every day there are amazing things happening in the towers of the Regional. The Foundation not only supports them but helps share those accomplishments with New Brunswickers.”

Brenda Kinney Ex-Officio, Executive Director Horizon Health

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