Atlantic Anglers Challenge

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The Atlantic Anglers Challenge is a fishing competition designed to jointly support COVID-19 Relief and recreational angling research by engaging anglers in citizen science.  The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation’s New Brunswick COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is thrilled to be a chosen recipient of the funds raised from this challenge.

Compete for great prizes! Fish in your community! Fundraise for COVID-19 Relief! Entry is $20.
Citizen Science


Data collected on location and species will help the Acadia University Striped Bass Research Team.

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Step 1- Register for Tournament
Step 2- Download MyCatch
Step 3- Record a Catch
  • Make sure GPS in enabled
  • When you catch a fish tap the blue button
  • Select species, take a picture, and add details
  • Click save, and catch will automatically be entered into tournament
Step 4- Live Tournament Updates
  • Go to your online profile
  • Click the Tournaments tab and select Atlantic Anglers Challenge
  • Track live tournament updates for latest entries and leaderboard