Cancer Care

Because you’re a healthcare change-maker.

You are among a small group of loyal donors we are reaching out to about this urgent need in oncology.

Hair loss is one of the most distressing side effects associated with cancer treatment. But with new scalp-cooling technology, you can give hope! This innovative system to fight chemo-induced hair loss was recently introduced in New Brunswick thanks to generous people like you. And as you’d imagine, it has numerous benefits for patients – women and men alike.

Unfortunately, not all eligible patients currently have access to this equipment at our hospital.

That’s where we need your help. A new scalp-cooling system costs $42,250. But if you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis, this treatment is worth its weight in gold.

Will you show support for oncology patients by making a gift toward scalp-cooling today?

Taryn Giles & Shalyn McRae
Taryn Giles, oncology patient and grateful donor

This holiday serason, continue your tradition of generousity by giving the gift of scalp-cooling

When the use of the cooling-cap came up, it was a big relief to me. The idea of being able to keep at least some of my hair, and some of that normalcy that goes with having your own hair, was a big deal.

- Taryn Giles, oncology patient and grateful donor