Women & Children's health

Your generosity will ensure that all patients, especially our littlest ones, receive exceptional care

Last year, the Saint John Regional Hospital celebrated the arrival of 1,455 newborns, marking the highest birth rate in New Brunswick. A joyful time in the lives of several families.

But, in those first few minutes of life, even the smallest of issues can lead to big problems. That is where you can make a difference. Supporting families like the Rajaram’s will ensure your hospital is prepared for anything - especially when treating newborns and young children!

Rishi Rajaram, Katie Rajaram and baby Kaira
Rishi Rajaram, Katie Rajaram and baby Kaira

There’s no doubt in my mind – if it weren’t for the expert medical care from the maternity staff and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the outcome for our newborn baby could have been so different. Our hospitals depend on caring people like you to help provide the tools they need to save more lives. We hope you’ll consider a gift today.

- Katie Rajaram