The Give | Making an Impact Through Enhanced Lung Cancer Care

Making an Impact Through Enhanced Lung Cancer Care

Brian Johnston became a physician because he wanted to positively impact people's lives through science and technology.

Dr. Brian Johnston (right) with his teammate Dr. Amy Groom (Left) at the 2021 Lions' Den medical competition

His passion for improving care drove him to compete in the 2021 Lions' Den medical competition and pitch the need for enhanced lung cancer care.

The pitch involved a 3D bronchoscopic navigation system to find smaller, more distal tumours in conjunction with fluorescence imaging technology to show exactly where the cancer is and spare healthy lung tissue when operating.

Building on existing programs, the plan would reduce the time from the identification of a potential lung cancer to definitive treatment and save lives. The Enhanced Lung Cancer Care pitch garnered considerable donations from the community to the tune of $120,000, including a generous gift from Dr. Johnston.

Because lung cancer care and research are so chronically underfunded, we felt that we needed to lead by example – ‘It's a lesson learned from my parents, who quietly gave back to their community whenever they could. - Dr. Brian Johnston

“My wife Lisa and I are in the fortunate position to be able to contribute,” says Dr. Johnston.

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