Area of focus, Patient Support & Access

Empowering Patients Through Tailored Healthcare Support

Patient support programs provide the little things that have an immediate impact on improving the patient experience, both with comfort and care and giving patients access to items they may not be able to afford or access


Health Disparities Fund

While healthcare in Canada is accessible to all, it's not necessarily equitable. Escalating living expenses often forces patients to make difficult choices, like deciding between providing for their families or affording crucial medications. Unfortunately, many members of our community are grappling with the burden of increasing costs.

By contributing to the Health Disparities Fund established by the Foundation, you can ensure that all patients receive the necessary support, including assistance with transportation, nourishment, clothing, and medication expenses. Your compassion will provide the little comforts that offer solace to patients facing financial strain, allowing them to prioritize what truly matters: their health.

Patient Comfort Fund

There are lots of healing comforts that wouldn’t be possible without investment from donors like you. In addition to cutting-edge medical tools, donor support helps departments throughout our hospital cover the costs of the “little things” that may not be eligible for government funding but are critical tools in improving patients' hospital experience and supporting the healing process.

Your investment in the Patient Comfort Fund guarantees that our patients can enjoy these small but significant conveniences, enabling them to concentrate on their well-being and their loved ones during their stay.