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Robotic-assisted surgery is the latest development in an ongoing progression in minimally invasive surgery. We’re on a mission to raise 6.2 million through donor support to purchase the province's first surgical robot and fund a three-year program to employ it across several departments at Horizon's Saint John Regional Hospital. As the largest tertiary-care hospital and provincial leader in minimally invasive and cardiac surgeries, robotics sets the stage for the next level of surgical program excellence.

Meet da Vinci, the medical robot transforming the operating room.

Robotic-assisted surgery is growing in Canada and worldwide.

Designed graphic reading 10+ Million procedures performed globally
Designed graphic reading 6,700+ da Vinci systems in clinical use.
Designed graphic reading 15% annual growth rate of robotic-assisted surgery.

Because robotic-assisted surgery requires only a few tiny incisions and offers greater vision, precision, and control, patients in our province will feel the benefits. With robotic-assisted surgery on the rise, this technology will be critical to attracting and retaining top surgeons and talent. You can learn more in our detailed case for support.

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Top surgeons and the latest technology, a winning combination!

Headshot of person named Acker
Dr. Matt Acker Urologist trained in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

"If I move my hand, the robot is translating that exact same motion but in a way that is more precise and more dexterous than the human hand could ever do. It's fast becoming the way in Canada as well. More surgeons are seeing the evolution of minimally invasive surgery and starting to use robotic technologies. The Saint John Regional Hospital is perfectly positioned to integrate robotic-assisted surgery into its surgical programs."

Headshot of Eileen MacGibbon
Eileen MacGibbon Vice President, Clinical Services, Horizon Health Network

“The da Vinci is exceptionally progressive for us. It sets the stage for the next level of surgical program excellence and creates significant opportunities for new types of collaboration. It brings significant value because of the specialists we have at our hospital and the services we offer."

Photo of Larry Cain
Larry Cain Robotic-Assisted Surgery Patient

"The research I did suggested that the recovery times would be faster, it's less invasive and more accurate. It suggested to me that it was the way to have the procedure done. I felt fortunate that going to Toronto for the procedure was accessible to me, but it will be nice to have it in the province. The standard of care here is exceptional but there is always room to adopt new technologies to advance care. I think robotics is one of those cases."

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