As a family physician caring for almost 3,000 patients and ER doctor working out of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Dr. Brian Ferguson has helped save many patients’ lives, but he never thought that one day he would be fighting for his own.

“In early November 2017, I had a kidney stone and I underwent a CAT scan. When I was looking at the results with the radiologist, I could see that the stone was cleared, but just at the top of the scan, the bottom of my heart was inflamed, “shares Dr. Ferguson. “In the past year and a half, I’ve treated three patients with this condition, so I knew immediately that it was associated heart failure and that I had to go to the New Brunswick Heart Centre for treatment right away.”

Dr. Ferguson made the two hour drive to the New Brunswick Heart Centre the next day and underwent a battery of tests, including a CAT scan, a cardiac catheterization and an MRI to look at the function of his heart – which turns out was only functioning at about 20%.

“To give you an idea of how serious it was, I lost 35lbs pounds of fluid and I was at risk for sudden death. I didn’t know it at the time, but my heart could have stopped while I was driving to the hospital. It’s pretty scary to look back on now,” says Dr. Ferguson, who has completed his cardiac rehabilitation and is doing well today, enjoying life with his wife Celina and their four boys.

“What I want people to know most is that there is a way to say thank you and it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. If you want to send a message back to your hospital that you’re happy with the care, I urge you to give whatever you can, knowing that every dollar you give goes back into the hospital to help others. It’s a win/win! And it’s worth every penny,” says Dr. Ferguson.

“On the day I was leaving, I was standing in the hospital lobby, thinking to myself ‘how can I say thank you’, and I saw the Foundation office. Knowing what an important role donor support plays at my own hospital, I went into the Foundation and made a donation in honour of my care team to help ensure other patients receive the same great care that I did,” continues Dr. Ferguson.

Thank you for helping to make incredible lifesaving stories like Dr. Ferguson’s possible. Each and every gift we receive makes a difference – and stays right here in New Brunswick – to provide the very best care for all.

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