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Stephanie O’Ree-Paixao, National Medical Laboratory Week


Stephanie O’Ree-Paixao is a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. Her career spans 23 years, of which 12 have been spent working at the regional. She is a seasoned lab technician that brings knowledge and enthusiasm for her role to work, every day.

“Medical laboratory professionals play an extremely important role in helping other medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment of patients." - Stephanie O’Ree-Paixao, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Saint John Regional Hospital

Tell us about the role you play in healthcare and your connection with patients.

Day-to-day, we do bacteriology which consists of taking the patient's biological samples (Cerebrospinal fluid, blood cultures, tissue samples, urines, stools, and various swabs and culturing them for bacteria. Once the bacteria is growing, we perform antibiotic testing on the harmful bacteria so the patient can be treated for infection. I also work in specialized areas such as serology, which involves hepatitis, HIV, and syphilis testing to name a few. We also do tick identification. Identification of a tick will help to determine the need for prophylaxis treatment for Lyme disease. I also work in the Mycobacteria lab which is a specialized level 3 lab that requires specialty personal protective equipment (PPE) and training.

How does your work impact patients and the care they receive?

Although our jobs aren’t necessarily patient-facing, the work is rewarding. Behind the scenes, we are ensuring that people from all walks of life are receiving the care required based on the results of our analysis of their samples. That makes coming to work every day worth it.

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