Therapeutic and/or Treatment Programs

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation Inc. is currently undergoing an evaluation of our MindCare grants. This review is to improve our granting programs to enhance our support to organizations in New Brunswick who benefit the mental health of individuals.

The grants for Therapeutic and/or Treatment Funding will be a closed competition for 2019. Organizations who have received consecutive funding from this program over the last three years will be contacted and invited to submit an application for consideration (note: a proposal invitation is not a guarantee of funding).

If you are one of these organizations please expect to receive a letter from us by February 15, 2019.

We are exceptionally pleased with the initiatives and work our Grantees have done in the area of Mental Health in New Brunswick and we are excited to invite our stakeholders to be a part of our new strategic planning process.

Please visit our site regularly for updates on our strategic process and our future revamped funding programs.

Should you have any enquiries we encourage you to please email our Grants & Finance Officer [email protected]