Transformational Funding

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation is currently reviewing its granting program and at this time are not accepting any further applications for Transformational Funding. The Foundation has funded the following transformational projects in the past, and we appreciate your patience through this evaluation period. Please visit our website regularly for updates to this program.

Saint John Area: The implementation and Impact of a “One Stop Shop” approach to Youth Wellbeing and Mental Health at the KV Oasis Youth Centre: A pilot project
Submitted by: Dr. Wendy Stewart et al
Awarded 2017

Moncton Area: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Patients with Depression Provided in a Primary Care Setting
Submitted by: Dr. Dinesh Bhalla & Ms. Jill Leblanc-Farquharson
Awarded 2016

Saint John Area: Stay Strong Program
Submitted by: Dr. Satyendra Satyanarayana
Awarded 2015