Area of focus, cancer care

Helping front-line workers support cancer patients in our community.

The Saint John Regional Hospital serves as the hub for Horizon Health's Network Oncology and Radiation Treatment Program. Through active participation in clinical trials, the Oncology Program ensures that patients receive nationally recognized treatment protocols, utilizing the latest equipment and techniques.


New Brunswick Stem Cell Transplantation Program

The donor-funded New Brunswick Stem Cell Transplantation Program, based at the Saint John Regional Hospital, extends its services to patients across the province. Donor contributions enable frontline workers to access cutting-edge equipment and technology, providing them with the necessary support for their critical work.

Oncology Fund

Help us transform hope into tangible realities through investments in cancer innovation. By contributing to the Oncology Fund, you propel the progress of groundbreaking treatments and elevate patient care. Each donation helps purchase next-generation equipment and technology, improving patient care.

Over the years, donor generosity has helped us go above and beyond in treating cancer patients at our hospital. These contributions have facilitated vital education for our dedicated oncology staff and enabled the acquisition of crucial equipment, such as our next-generation sequencer. Recognizing the significance of professional training and advanced tools, donor support has played a pivotal role in our medical team's capabilities and ultimately contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Cancer Survivorship Fund

Understanding that the challenges of cancer extend beyond treatment — the Saint John Regional Hospital, part of Horizon Health, established Stay Strong, a holistic survivorship initiative. This free 12-week exercise program, conducted in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Saint John, is complemented by informative workshops, providing essential support to cancer survivors and their loved ones during the transition back to everyday life post-treatment.