Area of focus, Retention & Recruitment

Investing in Excellence: Our Approach to Hospital Staffing Solutions

Research, training, and education are key to recruiting and retaining top talent. Not surprisingly, they also lead to better patient outcomes.


Transforming Health Care Fund

Through your support, we are cultivating resilient nursing leaders poised to transform healthcare across our province. The Transforming Health Care Fund at the University of New Brunswick is dedicated to offering educational and professional growth prospects for nurses and students. This fund enables nurses at the Saint John Regional Hospital to enhance their skills through the Nursing Leadership and Management Program. Additionally, it provides scholarships for deserving nursing and healthcare students committed to serving at our hospital and in the Saint John region post-graduation.

Your contribution to the Transforming Health Care Fund will help us retain and draw in the healthcare leaders crucial for our hospital's present and future success.

Research Fund

Investing in research and education leads to enhanced treatment options and more impactful patient-centred care. Moreover, it serves as a key asset in attracting and retaining top talent at our hospital. With your help, we can drive groundbreaking discoveries and nurture healthcare professionals who have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery in New Brunswick.

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granted - funding innovated research


upskilled annually & 1-3 community student internships per year

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scholarships for health & nursing students