Area of focus, Women & Children’s Health Care

Enhance women’s health care and help our hospital’s youngest patients

The Pediatric, NICU, and Women's Healthcare teams at Horizon Health are spearheading efforts to uplift the well-being of women in our community and our hospital's youngest patients. With donor support, we ensure access to state-of-the-art equipment, technology, education, and comprehensive support for new parents and children, all aimed at enhancing patient experience and outcomes.


Child Life Fund

At Horizon's Saint John Regional Hospital, our trained Child Life Coordinator, Beth MacNutt, supports young patients in managing their fears and anxieties during hospital visits through tailored therapeutic activities. To maintain this quality of care, funding is essential for acquiring items like iPads, laptops, educational toys, games, and art supplies.

Hospitals can be overwhelming for children, with medical procedures, unfamiliar environments, and new faces. To alleviate stress and help children adapt to the hospital environment, the Child Life Program is offered in Pediatric Departments across Atlantic Canada.

Child Life Programs concentrate on the emotional impact of illness and hospital stays. Specialists use the power of play to familiarize, prepare, express feelings, normalize experiences, and educate children about the procedures they will undergo, ensuring a positive hospital experience.