Ways to give, monthly

Become a Monthly Donor Today

Monthly contributions offer a reliable and dependable funding stream, facilitating our long-term planning goals. Through your ongoing support, crucial equipment and programs receive sustained funding, ensuring top-notch care for our patients. With your assistance, we empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care for you and your family.

Join us in enabling countless impactful initiatives for our hospital, patients, and their loved ones.


Donations are made through an automatic, secure credit card charge or electronic funds transfer, saving you time and money – no cheque writing, or mailing costs.

Peace of Mind

Your gift automatically renews and is always active. You’ll receive fewer solicitations for support and only one consolidated receipt per year, reducing paper use and waste.


You’re in control because you can increase, decrease or cancel your contributions at any time, simply by contacting our office at your convenience at (506) 648-6400.