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Championing Community Health: Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation's Passionate Team

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation's team is a force of dedicated individuals with a shared vision for a healthier future in New Brunswick.

Their expertise, passion, and unwavering determination drive positive change in healthcare. Guided by a strong belief in the power of community-driven philanthropy, they forge robust partnerships and meaningful connections, standing as unwavering beacons of hope and progress in the pursuit of exceptional healthcare for all in the province of New Brunswick.

Photo of Shannon Hunter

Shannon Hunter

President & CEO

(506) 349-5116

With 18 years of experience in marketing, strategy and stakeholder relations, Shannon is a dynamic and authentic leader, who leads with heart, compassion and vision. She is committed to creating a culture that fosters innovation, growth, and collaboration – within our team and with our donors, our partners, our community. She is invested in inspiring donor generosity and working in close collaboration with donors and healthcare professionals to create innovative and impactful solutions to create a healthier future for all New Brunswickers.

Photo of Angie Kelly, CFRE

Angie Kelly, CFRE

Vice President of Philanthropy

(506) 566-1676

I left New Brunswick in the fall of 2002 to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. Twenty years later, I am thrilled to return with my husband and daughter and put all I’ve learned to work in my home province.

The icing on the cake is that I am joining the incredible team at The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. I am acutely aware of the impact the Saint John Regional Hospital has on the lives of people living all over the province, including my closest family and friends. As a professional fundraiser, I am deeply passionate about philanthropy and recognize that donors are at the heart of all we do. I am excited to get to know our supporters and work together to help create a healthier future for all.

Photo of Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark

Senior Director, Finance & Administration

(506) 648-6288

Before joining the Hospital Foundation in 2014, I worked at a charity and jumped at the opportunity to work at the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.

It’s inspiring to work with a team that’s passionate and believes in its mission. I think I ended up where I needed to be. My home has some acres in the quiet woods within commuting distance to Saint John. Highway #1 is a good road and even in the winter months, the plows and sanding trucks respond immediately to keep travel safe during the winter storms. Having a cafeteria is a great perk! I appreciate the interesting and diverse food.

Photo of Andrea Watling, CFRE

Andrea Watling, CFRE

Interim Director of Leadership Giving

(506) 343-3750

I began working for the Foundation in 2012 and it has impacted my life in ways I could never imagine!

I’m so inspired by the generosity and compassion of our donors, volunteers, staff members and community supporters on a daily basis. Philanthropy is something that runs in my family – my mom volunteers for the Foundation every week (say ‘Hi’ to Sue next time you buy a wooden rose in our lobby). It’s her spirit of giving that keeps me motivated each and every day!

Photo of Natasha O’Donnell, CFRE

Natasha O’Donnell, CFRE

Director of Annual Giving

(506) 650-8730

I moved to Saint John from Halifax in the fall of 2012, with the intention of making New Brunswick my permanent home.

During my time in New Brunswick, I established a Women’s Rugby program at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, play football with the Saint John Storm Women’s Tackle Football Team and Team New Brunswick, and volunteer with many charity organizations in various capacities. Long story short, being involved in and giving back to the local community is extremely important to me and I strive to be involved in as much, and in as many ways, as possible. When the opportunity arose to come and work for the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation I couldn’t have been more excited, my passion for community involvement and career path intersected. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius).

Photo of Sarah Peiser

Sarah Peiser

Director of Communications

(506) 607-4897

"The Saint John Regional Hospital has always held a special place in my heart, from many warm childhood memories of family members receiving compassionate, dedicated care as they aged to the birth of our daughters. But after a visit to the ER with our newborn, Raya, on Christmas Day 2022, and the NICU stay that followed… well, words come up short for how grateful I am for the exceptional care we've received in this place. This role with the Foundation is my opportunity to put my experience to work to help create a healthier future for all New Brunswickers – it is my opportunity to help look after the place and people who have looked after my family my entire life. I am honoured to be part of such a talented team of fundraisers. "

Sarah is a versatile communicator known for her creative approach to storytelling and attention to detail. With a background in the agency world and private sector and seven years of experience, she has worked on diverse projects ranging from media buying and leading campaigns to creating meaningful ways to say thank you. Her ability to understand and translate a project's needs into powerful content and visuals sets her apart. Sarah is a dedicated mother and a proud Saint Johner who is inspired by finding the heart of the stories surrounding her beautiful community.

Photo of Alejandro Joven Avellaneda

Alejandro Joven Avellaneda

Data & Analytics Manager

(506) 651-9364

I moved to Saint John from Montreal in October 2020. As a newcomer to Canada and New Brunswick, I have found living in Saint John a great experience – everyone is welcoming, and it is a charming community!

Landing a position in the philanthropic world was something unexpected, but it has been rewarding. As with each time in my professional career, every new challenge has been an opportunity to learn new skills and push my intellectual boundaries forward. Working at the SJRHF, as Database Administrator has helped me understand how a unique and professional team, through the generosity and compassion of our donors, changes lives and health-care around the province. I have a BA in Telecommunications Engineering, with studies in Database Administration with more than six years of experience in the IT and Data Analysis field in the Telecommunications sector.

Photo of Kayleigh Perkins

Kayleigh Perkins

Leadership Giving Officer

(506) 333-3952

As someone who grew up in Saint John, there has never been any question in my mind about how lucky we are to have the Saint John Regional Hospital (SJRH) in our community.

I bring to the SJRH Foundation a background in Marketing, Finance, and Business Planning; an eclectic mix to some, but my career has been built on a foundation of relationship management, continuous learning, and a deep caring and respect for those I work with. I am a mother of two, both of whom were born at the SJRH, and when I am not running them around to their activities you can find me crocheting, hanging out with friends and family, staying active, gushing about my two cats, and walking around in my best pair of Crocs. Working at the SJRH Foundation is a dream for me. I’m incredibly lucky to get to collaborate with, and learn from, an amazing team while giving back to the community I love.

Photo of Margot Grant

Margot Grant

Stewardship Coordinator

(506) 651-9364

My best work comes when I can collaborate with and engage others.

I am excited to see how the relationships within our community contribute to the advancement of patient care and overall exceptional healthcare for our province. Getting to know the people behind the programs that ignite generosity is inspiring. I have seen how events have changed with the pandemic and know how important enthusiasm can be. The Saint Johns Regional Hospital Foundation’s purpose is one that I am thrilled to work with.

Photo of Anthony Enman

Anthony Enman

Marketing & Annual Giving Officer

(506) 343-3844

Telling stories is one of the most rewarding aspects of the work I get to do.

Bringing to life stories from physicians and clinicians about the impact of your generosity, and sharing the experiences of grateful patients, has brought renewed energy to my role. I got to experience firsthand the care the hospital provides when my dad had a heart attack a few years ago. It means that much more to be part of a team striving to create a healthy future by supporting innovation and improving patient care. I continue to be inspired and look forward to engaging with donors and patients every day.

Photo of Lisette Pascua

Lisette Pascua

Community Engagement Coordinator

(506) 566-0915

Coming from the Philippines with a background in sales and marketing, I took a leap of faith and moved to New Brunswick in 2021 to pursue a college degree in business management at NBCC.

I became a practicum student at the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, and it was there that I discovered a deep sense of fulfillment and a calling to make a difference. The Foundation’s mission and the impact they make on the lives of New Brunswickers inspired me take the path to Philanthropy. My role at the Foundation is more than just a job to me — It's my way of living a life that matters, bringing hope, and healing to those who need it most. Each morning, I wake up with a sense of purpose, ready to make a meaningful impact and give back to the community.

Photo of Michelle Noddin-Scott

Michelle Noddin-Scott

Grants & Finance Officer

(506) 636-1454

I am grateful every day to have been able to keep my roots anchored in New Brunswick throughout my career.

Sciences and more specifically healthcare have always tugged at my core since childhood. Branching out and bringing the unique and diverse transferable skills and knowledge from my professional career to the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation is rewarding. The philanthropic community, from the Foundation team to our Donors, are amazing and continue to inspire and influence the power of community. I enjoy working with the enthusiastic and innovative professionals in various healthcare disciplines who impact the lives of our family, friends and neighbours throughout the province and Atlantic Canada.

Photo of Vanessa Kincade

Vanessa Kincade

Lead Designer

(506) 343-4290

I am a senior graphic designer who graduated with high honors in 2004 from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Toronto.

I lived in Toronto for 10 years before returning to my roots here in NB. I am passionate about helping others and am proud to work for the Foundation and what we stand for. We have the most amazing team who are giving back to the community and hospital everyday. My interests consist of staying healthy and attending the gym every morning. My number one passion is family and spending time with my husband and our three kids.

Photo of Samantha Weldon

Samantha Weldon

Financial Accountant

(506) 333-5869

I have been with the Foundation since 2017 and have held 3 different roles.

You never know who is going to walk through our doors. Hearing their stories and why they choose to give is so empowering. I’ve worked directly with the community and on the administrative side where I get to see the incredible impact our generous donors are making. It is truly inspiring. I am currently working towards my CPA designation and enjoy anything to do with the outdoors and spending time with my two cats.

Photo of Lisa Bustin

Lisa Bustin

Development Assistant

(506) 649-2699

Photo of Lilia Lastra

Lilia Lastra

Gift Services Coordinator

(506) 566-3632

As a newcomer to Canada, being part of the Foundation team has been an amazing experience. I am so excited and proud to work with such wonderful and committed people.

I have over ten years of experience in organizational communication in the mining sector. This new chapter in my life allows me to learn about the world of philanthropy, how our teams work, and the generosity of the donors creating a real impact in health care that benefit thousands of lives around the province. I love the challenges and learning every day, but the most rewarding thing about my job is supporting the people in my new home.