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Fostering advancements in cardiovascular healthcare.

Renowned for its cutting-edge approach, the New Brunswick Heart Centre stands as one of Canada's foremost departments dedicated to cardiovascular health care. Serving as the sole tertiary heart care centre in the province, it caters to the needs of nearly a million Atlantic Canadians, providing them with state-of-the-art treatments and comprehensive care.

Heart Health

Cardiac Innovation Fund

With medical technology constantly changing and improving, the New Brunswick Heart Centre relies on consistent funding to shape the future of heart care. The Cardiac Innovation Fund, established by the Foundation, ensures that donor generosity drives the adoption of cutting-edge technology as needed, empowering our experts to enhance diagnostic, treatment, and patient education methods — securing our position at the forefront of Canadian healthcare.

Your support enables specialists in cardiology, surgery, electrophysiology, anesthesiology, and research to continually seek better approaches for diagnosis, treatment, and patient education, upholding our reputation for state-of-the-art care in Canada.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Fund

Your contributions support cardiac patients' access to transformative care extending beyond their hospitalization. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Fund assists Horizon Health's comprehensive Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, a specialized initiative led by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, and pharmacists. This program equips patients with the tools to manage their heart disease by fostering positive lifestyle changes. With a yearly impact on hundreds of patients, it empowers them to resume their cherished activities with their loved ones.

Owing to its remarkable success and increasing demand, the program has expanded beyond the Saint John Regional Hospital, now operating a satellite location in Sussex. Additionally, care providers are actively exploring the opportunity of introducing a third location in the near future, underscoring the program's vital role in the community.

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