Workin’ 2 Win Employee Lottery contest details.


The Workin’ 2 Win Employee Lottery provides healthcare workers in Horizon’s zone 2 with a fun and meaningful way to improve access to professional development opportunities for themselves and their coworkers.


To enter the lottery, staff in healthcare zone 2 can register through a secure online registration portal or fill out a registration form in our office, which will be directed to the appropriate payroll department (Horizon Health, Service New Brunswick, or Medavie Blue Cross) for inclusion in payroll deductions.

To play, $5.00 will be deducted each pay period (biweekly) from each registered staff member, with prize draws happening at the same frequency.


Once registered, participation is ongoing.

Staff can cancel their enrolment in the program at any time by contacting us at (506) 648-6400 or emailing


Every 2 weeks, The Foundation will receive the list of players for that pay period from Human Resources, at which time a random number generator will choose our $1500 grand prize winner.

The prize winner will also win a treat cart for up to 100 people for their department.

For one of the grand prize draws throughout the year, we will replace the $1500 grand prize with 2 bonus prize draws, each for $2500.


Winners will be notified by phone and their name added to the winner section of our website with a link provided in our monthly email to zone 2 staff.


Once prizes are distributed, the remaining funds garnered from the employee lottery will be designated for professional development and educational opportunities for staff of Horizon’s zone 2.

If you have employee lottery questions contact us at (506) 648-6400 or email