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May 2023

Since the 2016–17 hockey season, the Rothesay High School hockey teams have hosted their charity Orange Game and directed the proceeds to support cancer care. Through donations at the door and other efforts, they have raised more than $3,000 to date.

The Rothesay High School boys’ hockey teams have given more than $3,000 to support funding for patient care. Shown here are members of the 2022–23 team.

Team manager Jane Fenwick explained the significance of the charity game to the students and the school.

Q: What is the Orange Game?

The Orange Game is our charity game played annually against St. Malachy’s Memorial High School.

Q: Why is it called the Orange Game and why do you support pediatric oncology?

The charity game is called the Orange Game because that is the colour for leukemia awareness. Back when it first started, we raised funds for a local girl who was diagnosed with leukemia. Her brother played on the team, and we wanted to do something to give back. Since then, we’ve grown the event to support pediatric oncology at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Q: What other connections to cancer do the participating teams have?

Well, our former coach, Scott Robarts, had a daughter who was diagnosed and unfortunately lost her battle with leukemia. So the players really felt that – because we are a community, a family. Additionally, there was a student who played for St. Malachy’s High School who also lost his battle with cancer. So both the teams have a personal connection to the cause.

So the game is played now in their honour. Honouring the ones who we lost so young and to help support those who are currently battling the disease.

Q: What does it mean to the team to see the support from the community?

Community is at the core of the charity game and why we do the fundraiser. A lot of the players who were there for the very first game are no longer playing because they’ve graduated. But what’s amazing is that they have now come back to help out in some way. My husband coaches the team and my son Kyle, who would have played in the first charity game, is also coaching along with Scott’s son, Gareth.

So the current players see this outpouring of support, not just from people who donate money, but also these amazing former athletes and alumni who come back to be part of this really special thing. It’s a kind of family. We are one community and we need to support one another.

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